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Container Teminal Burchardkai
In 1995, HPC's Container Terminal Information System (CTIS) was developed and has, since then, been supplied to and used by a number of container terminals throughout the world. CTIS comprises all functionalities of a modern terminal system such as control and optimisation, operations planning and logistics procedures for several different operating systems.

CTIS' performance is supplemented by a specific empty container administration system, the accounting module CuBIS (Customer Billing System) and the CRIS (Container Repair System) module.

With the recently developed product TERMINALSTAR, a new dimension for major port operations has been reached at Hamburg’s CTB terminal.
Our services include

  • Terminal control (CTIS)
  • Empty depot (CTIS-LL)
  • Container repair (CRIS)
  • Terminal automation (TERMINALSTAR)
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