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The implementation of the restructuring process, which is one of the major changes currently taking place in many countries' ports, is complex and often involves varying degrees of commercialisation and privatisation. Many different options are possible. HPC has a wide experience with such situations and has carried out many projects concerned with private sector participation in port operations. We are thus able to advise on the optimum structure and public/private mix in any given situation. Typical steps involved include the specification of any necessary legislative changes, the decentralisation of management authority, the creation of autonomous business units within port organisations and the definition of the roles of the various parties concerned. We also advise on the implications for labour and personnel policies and the financing of necessary investments, which are often very significant.

Structural issues
  • Ownership of port institutions
  • Separation of operational and regulatory functions
  • Legal frameworks
  • Preparation and evaluation of tender documents
  • Analysis of financial structures
Commerical aspects
  • Commercialisation of port functions
  • Financing and investment considerations
  • Management contracts, contracting-out and joint ventures
  • Re-organisation of business areas
  • Creation of business units and associated financial analysis




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